What is Crabs
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Crabs Symptoms

 Itching - Itching is the most common symptom among those who are infected with Crabs. Sometimes more prominent at night, the itching can be anywhere from a mildly annoying itch to a very severe, burning type itch.

 Blue Spots or Bumps - These spots are visible on the skin around the infected area. These are actual bites from the Crab lice.

 Severe Skin Irritation - This is normally caused from itching the crab infected area. In some cases the itching causes the skin to break which can lead to additional bacterial infections.

 Black Particles - Little black particles that show up in undergarments, particularly noticeable when wearing white underwear, could be the feces of the crab lice.

 Fever or burning during urination could also be signs of a pubic lice infection.

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Be aware that some people do not experience the itching associated with crabs, especially if you had crabs in the past. You may however experience some of the other symptoms listed above. Remember, although the actual crabs are small, the presence of small egg sacs, or the actual lice are visible in the pubic hair.

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