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What is Crabs

The information in this site will help you understand what is crabs, how do you get crabs, crab symptoms, crabs treatment and crabs prevention. If you have crabs, you are not alone. There are millions of new cases of crabs that are treated each year. Crabs is an STD, however it is curable. If you have been infected, luckily there are ways to get rid of crabs for good. Read through the site to learn more about crabs and be sure to consult with your doctor for advanced medical care.

What is crabs? Pubic Lice, the STD more commonly known as Crabs, are parasites that attach themselves to hair, typically in pubic regions. Crabs are sometimes found in other parts of the body with hair, such as the armpits, eyelashes or beards. Crabs are rather common and found in both men and women all around the world.

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Crab Louse (Phthirus pubis)

Although they are very small, most of the time the crabs infection is noticeable to the human eye. The pubic lice have a round body and six legs which include claws making them look like crabs. The eggs, which attach themselves to hairs, typically in the pubic region, are harder to see with the naked eye. Crabs feast on blood for nourishment and rely on a warm environment for survival.

Crab lice are not the same as head lice. Crabs are smaller, normally around 1.6 millimeters or less, and shaped differently. Crabs typically prefer course hair so the finer hair on the scalp is not a common home.

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